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Innovated fashion professional with a developed understanding of both customer and market. A creative thinker, problem solver and keen team player. I believe myself to be confident, mature, responsible, cabable and motivated person with the ability to work under pressure and meet deadline. Energetic and creative visionary with eye for detail, time management, organisation skills and able to operate within budgets.

Growing up in a creative family, it's no surprise that Lily became a creative multitalent.

During her studies at St. Lucas and the Willem de Kooning Academy as a graphic and fashion designer,

she lived amidst the bright lights of big cities such as Eindhoven, London, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Lily completed internships at London's prestigious store, Liberty, and worked as the assistant to Avant Garde Fashion Director Bastiaan van Schaik.


After graduating, she started as a freelance stylist and art director in vibrant Amsterdam. She worked for different commercial brands and traveled the world. Despite her busy schedule and the urge to create something of her own with a clear signature, she decided to start the fashion label "Iconic27" in 2018. Lily was responsible for the designs and brand identity to create stylish and outspoken looks. She focuses on the full picture to establish the DNA of the brand.

With her rich background and experience in the fashion industry, Lily continues to push the boundaries of design and make her mark in the world of fashion. Her creativity, determination, and commitment to excellence are evident in every project she undertakes, making her a true standout in the industry.



a branding expert with a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping businesses create powerful brand identities. takes the time to understand each client's vision, values, and goals, and translates them into cohesive branding strategies that leave a lasting impression. 

Fashion Design

I'm a passionate fashion designer with deep roots in the craft. Inspired by my mother, I pursued formal fashion education at the art academy and jumped into design right after graduation. My designs are heart-driven, drawing inspiration from life, art, culture, and societal movements. I see fashion as a medium for self-expression and communication, aiming to boost confidence and style. I blend classic elegance with contemporary flair, crafting unique, quality pieces that resonate with my clients' preferences.

Art Direction

After graduation, I embarked on a journey as an art director, traversing the globe and collaborating with some of the most brilliant creatives. In a world where art and humanity are in perpetual flux, we find ourselves in a moment where everyone is ceaselessly generating content, sharing, and expressing themselves through various mediums. Let's embark on this creative journey together.

Graphic Design

Typography, visual composition, and prints have always captivated me. As a fashion designer, I crafted my own artworks, utilizing unique patterns to create distinctive items. Transitioning into the role of an art director, my mindset naturally gravitates towards layout and design, considering the right fonts and shapes. As a branding expert, I ensure coherence from logos to hangtags, labeling, and beyond. Everywhere, the overall impression must tell a cohesive story.

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